Fleischmann diesel switcher remotoring and dcc mod

Here’s a great little Diesel switcher loco from Fleischmann. Got it for a great deal on E-Bay. The Quarter along with the loco gives you a perspective of the size of  the loco.


This is an old loco (probably 60’s). As is well known, older fleischmann locos came with the infamous pancake motor. This loco was no exception. This pancake motor had a continuous ring magnet around a 3-pole armature. A big issue was that this motor drew almost 500mA of stall current. Enough to cause hiccups with DZ125 (the decoder that was to be used in this loco). So i planned to replace this pancake motor with another pancake motor: The DVD/CD drive motors. You can either salvage one from a DVD player or car tape player, or buy them off Ebay. Luckily i was able to salvage some Mabuchi motors.

Unfortunately i did not take any photos during the process of the re-motoring. But here’s a shot after the motor was installed along with a wiring PCB and DZ125 decoder along with its supercap piggyback.

The 2 black bumps between the wheels and below the pinion gear are 2 of the panasonic supercaps. The 3rd one was mounted on the other side due to space constraints. A great thing about this little loco was its gearing. Lot of gears to get a smoother ride.


The messy rear side. Here’s the Mabuchi motor. To the right of it below the duct tape is the decoder. The thing inside the heatshrink is the 3rd supercap. I also put in the obligatory directional lights (0603 LED’s). I used yellow and red to keep with the prototype. The original loco had no lights(I guess it was too small to get the lights in).  To secure the wires everywhere, i used liquid tape.

To get some of the stuff in i had to mill sections of the loco (the decoder for example). Being diecast a sharp HSS toolbit  cuts easily .


Finished Loco on the testing track. I also put in a small cab led.


Finally done!. I love this little loco due to its great running characteristics. I guess its gearing helps a lot. The supercaps also help a little.



I am a computer engineer living in the beautiful city of Austin,TX. While my day job is designing computer chips, I love to dabble in woodworking, metalworking, r/c and electronics.

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