Diy pinata ??

It is not always model trains and electronics for me. Here’s another project that i made for my 4 year old daughter for her birthday.Yup, she’s into princesses, ponies and the only 2 colors she knows are pink and purple!


This project was not so hard once you have hot glue gun, some tape, paint, some old boxes, wrapping paper and about 2 hours of time.

The 2 floors are made of 2 mail boxes that were lying in my garage. I wrapped them with pink wrapping paper from the ‘dollar tree’ store. Then i drew in the bricks and painted the windows. For the towers, i rolled some cardboard into a cylinder wrapped them and painted them. For the tower roofs, circle cut cardboard made into a cone and hot glued to the towers. The 2 floors are not stuck to each other. The top floor can be removed, revealing a space inside the bottom cardboard box to add candies and other goodies.

For decorations, i bought some princess and ponies greeting cards from dollar store. Cut the outlines and stuck them to the palace with tape!


I am a computer engineer living in the beautiful city of Austin,TX. While my day job is designing computer chips, I love to dabble in woodworking, metalworking, r/c and electronics.

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