From cardboards to castles

Another year, another Princess castle Pinata. This year was my daughter’s 5th birthday and she wanted the same Pinata i made for her the year before. However she reminded me that i need to do a better job in making sure that the candy fell. Last year, the candy release mechanism messed up and we ultimately had to manually tear open the pinata to get the candy to fall. This year i wanted to make sure that the mechanism worked.

 So i started off with 2 cardboard boxes to form the main castle body. Some leftover pool-noodles from last year formed the towers. The tower roofs were made from cardboard stock cut into a circle and made into a cone. The base was the dollar-tree foamboard. I wrapped all the parts of the castle with a pink wrapping paper from dollar tree. Then onto painting using some acrylic paints from hobby-lobby. I wanted the pinata such that it could be re-used. Which meant that the candy and goodies should be released by without the pinata being hit. Like last year, i decided to use the string system. I add a bunch of strings to the castle . Only one string will release the goodies. other simply just come off. For the characters, i simply dug through some of my daughter’s princess sticker books. Stuck the stickers on a cardstock, cut them out and glued them to the castle with a little paper stub. That gives them a 3-D appearance. For grass, i cut green tissue paper into small bits and sprinkled them on the castle surface which was prepped with from white glue. Some pom-poms from dollar tree rounded out the bushes and some flower plants.


So here’s the final finished product, being hung from the roof. The purple ribbons at the bottom is where the kids would take turns, guessing which is the right ribbon to pull. Only one of them engages the mechanism that releases the trap-door at the bottom that releases the goodies. The mechanism was given a dry run before hanging up and it worked great!


As usual, the top section is not attached and can be lifted, revealing a cutout at the bottom section where the goodies can be added. ‘Aurora’ sits at the top of the castle as that’s my daughters favorite princess.


A closeup view



I am a computer engineer living in the beautiful city of Austin,TX. While my day job is designing computer chips, I love to dabble in woodworking, metalworking, r/c and electronics.

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