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Complete remotoring of kleinbahn krokodil loco

I recently came across KleinBahn locomotives on Ebay. Never heard of them until then. Apparently they are a small local model train seller in Austria that makes Austrian/German? model trains. The general consensus was that the locos are good, but

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My mini mill

Some pictures of my trusty mini mill and its mods. I replaced the cable going from the main controller to the switcbox at the front with xlr connector cables. This way i can detach the milling head fully without havingto

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Machining Fr4 using a lathe

I recently wanted to make some circular PCB’s for some flashlight attachment to my mill. I could have cut the PCB on the mini-mill. But it is not CNC and i have no rotary attachment. That left me the lathe.

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Home-made machine tools

Having a lathe and a mill is great as it really allows you to make more stuff!! I have both the mini mill and the mini lathe that i bought couple of years ago. They just lay there until now.

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