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Constant current lighting for model trains

I had a lot of old style passenger carriers in my HO collection and i wanted to add LED lighting to them. So i quickly threw in a Schottky diode bridge, followed by a 470uf capacitor to convert the pulsing

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Diy pinata ??

It is not always model trains and electronics for me. Here’s another project that i made for my 4 year old daughter for her birthday.Yup, she’s into princesses, ponies and the only 2 colors she knows are pink and purple!

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Austin in spring

Beautiful wildflowers and bluebonnets at the side of the road

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Improve the DZ125 DCC decoder by adding supercapacitors

The DZ125 dcc decoder from digitrax is a neat little decoder that i use in my smallest HO locomotives. This decoder is not one of the best (my favorite is lokpilot) but its biggest advantages are (1) Price and (2)

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Hello world!

Yay!!! My blog is online now.

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